Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

After quite some time of silence regarding my work on Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (WIDS / WIPS), I’m considering continuing that work. In past I have done research, published couple of papers on this topic at conferences and journals and also created concept, basic architecture and design of system and products. This possible “reactivating” of work is particularly pushed by recent interest of companies, organizations and institutions including commercial, government etc, and requirements of many production environments.

This is just brief description. If you are interested in more details or want to consider contribution or investment into this development send me e-mail.

Edgios or will new Google come from Serbia!?

Edgios is a large-scale distributed search ‘cloud’ that offers higher-quality search results. Users participate in the cloud by downloading the Edgios personal search software, and connecting that software to the net.

Michael Howard from Microsoft Analyzes Recent Symantec and IBM Vulnerabilities

One of main persons behind Microsoft SDL, Michael Howard analyzes recent Symantec and IBM Vulnerabilities in his post on MSDN SDL blog. Michael says: The vulnerabilities are not in Symantec code, yet Symantec customers are still open to attack. The … Continued