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Short Summary

Researcher, Innovator, Author, Speaker, Adjunct Professor, Security Architect & Advisor, Leader, Entrepreneur, Founder, Executive. Information Security, Software Security, Cybersecurity, Privacy, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence.

  • Senior Director Application Security at IGT (formerly GTECH)
  • Initiator and Founder of the R&D projects: INPRESEC (Intelligent Predictive Security), Glog, Security Predictions, vSOC
  • Rich experience in creating and managing start-ups, new businesses development
  • Leading management positions in international corporations
  • Expertise in information security, computer software and networks industry
  • Prolific academic career: Adjunct Professorship, authorship of books, scientific papers and journals’ articles
  • Scientific and security leader, researcher, advisor, architect
  • Inventor with a set of U.S. patents granted and several patent applications pending (USPTO, CIPO, EPO, WIPO)
  • Entrepreneur, leader, motivator, visionary
  • Senior Member IEEE
  • Senior Member ACM
  • ISACA Gold Level Member
  • Member of the EC-Council University Advisory Board
  • Member of the WhiteSource Software Customer Advisory Board
  • Member of the Serbian AI Society Advisory Board
  • Member of the Serbian Entrepreneurs
  • Member of the Data Security Initiative Advisory Board
  • Member of the Sun Core Tech Ltd Advisory Board Dragan Pleskonjic, IEEE Senior Member

Current research and development focuses:
  • Glog – making software more secure. A solution that is able to give remediation advice based on context or, even more, to automatically fix the security vulnerabilities in software code. It uses machine learning and AI.

  • INPRESEC (Intelligent Predictive Security) – exploring the paradigm shift in Information Security and Privacy with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Novel approach to cyber security to predict the most likely cyber-attacks and to plan optimal proactive cyber-security defensive measures.

  • Security Predictions – exploring the ways to harness the “wisdom of crowds” and experiment if and how crowd-sourced security intelligence can be used to predict future security and privacy threats, attacks and events.

  • vSOC (Virtual Security Operations Center) – Uses INPRESEC and Glog solutions, together with Security Predictions and other tools.

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Introduction profile

High-tech entrepreneur and executive with a strong background in information security, computer systems and networks security, software and application security, software development methodologies and architectures.

Proven leadership and talent for creation, management and organization of successful teams. Initiated and has held leading positions in a number of industry projects, as well as in research and development projects. Experience in mergers, acquisitions, company integration and start-up companies.

Experienced leader, has worked on set of top positions at international companies with global coverage, including positions of CEO, CTO, CISO, COO, Senior Director Information Security, Senior Director Technology, Head of Research and Development, Software Development Manager, Director of ICT and similar. Possesses excellent theoretical knowledge and has been leading research and development in both academic and industrial sector which is well connected and aligned with professional work and best practices in companies, organizations and institutions.My Books - Dragan Pleskonjic

Adjunct professor. Published ten books and over eighty papers at technical and scientific conferences, seminars and journals internationally, including IEEE and ACM events and publications. Reviewer for scientific and technical journals, conferences and papers. Cited and quoted.

Often conference speaker.

Inventor of set of granted patents.

Mentor at Founder Institute and Startup Academia.

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Current professional focuses:
  • Intelligent Predictive Security: Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning + Big Data + Predictive Analytics + Threat Intelligence for better Information Security
  • Software Security including: Software’s Vulnerability to Attack, The Challenge of Building Secure Software, Software Assurance, General Principles of Secure Software Development, Integrating Security into the Software Life Cycle, Software Security Tools
  • Information Security Management


I have been honored with the designation of IEEE Senior Member since 2017.

I received Senior Member Grade at IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). Senior Members August 2017 list is here. IEEE Senior Membership is an honor bestowed only to those who have made significant contributions to the profession.

I have been honored with the designation of ACM Senior Member.

I received Senior Member Grade at ACM (Association for Computing Machinery). Senior Members 2010 list is here.

Information Security Management
  • Certified ISMS Lead Auditor – ISO / IEC 27001 Information Security Management System
  • PCI ISA (Payment Card Industry Internal Security Assessor), PCI Security Standards Council.