Orb programming language

Orb is a general-purpose programming language created by Vladimir Pleskonjic.

It is procedural, statically typed, and compiled, with scope-based resource management. A major feature are its powerful meta-programming capabilities – you can use identifiers, types, and even Orb code itself as first-class values at compile-time.

It offers a powerful macro system – procedures that return Orb code to be compiled. This allows you to parameterize and reuse similar bits of code, making your codebase more concise and easily readable.

Visit Orb Programming Language GitHub page!

To learn more about the language, please read the Orb documentation.

Visit the quick examples sections of the Orb documentation to see what Orb code looks like.

Orb Programming Language is work in progress. You can use it and also join, support and star project.

Visit also Vladimir Pleskonjic LinkedIn profile and website.