Dragan Pleskonjic, M. Sc. Dragan Pleskonjic speaking at “Machine Learning meets Security” event


Researcher, Innovator, Author, Speaker, Adjunct Professor, Security Architect & Advisor, Leader, Entrepreneur, Founder, Executive. Information Security, Software Security, Cybersecurity, Privacy, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence.

  • Senior Director Application Security at IGT (formerly GTECH)
  • Initiator and Founder of the R&D projects: INPRESEC (Intelligent Predictive Security), Glog, Security Predictions, vSOC
  • Rich experience in creating and managing start-ups, new businesses development
  • Leading management positions in international corporations
  • Expertise in information security, computer software and networks industry
  • Prolific academic career: Adjunct Professorship, authorship of books, scientific papers and journals’ articles
  • Scientific and security leader, researcher, advisor, architect
  • Inventor with a set of U.S. patents granted and several patent applications pending (USPTO, CIPO, EPO, WIPO)
  • Entrepreneur, leader, motivator, visionary Dragan Pleskonjic, IEEE Senior Member
  • Senior Member IEEE
  • Senior Member ACM
  • ISACA Gold Level Member
  • Member of the EC-Council University Advisory Board
  • Member of the Mend (formerly WhiteSource Software) Software Customer Advisory Board
  • Member of the Serbian AI Society Advisory Board
  • Member of the Serbian Entrepreneurs
  • Member of the Data Security Initiative Advisory Board
  • Data Science Ambassador


Dragan Pleskonjic is an experienced high-tech entrepreneur and executive with a strong background in information security, computer systems and networks security, software and application security, software development methodologies and architectures. He also possesses proven leadership and talent for management and organization of successful teams.

Initiated and has held leading positions in a number of industry projects, as well as in research and development projects. Has worked on set of top positions at international companies with global coverage. Experience in mergers, acquisitions, company integration and start-up companies. Excellent theoretical and practical knowledge and has been leading research and development in both academic and industry which is well connected and aligned with professional work and best practices in companies, organizations and institutions.

Current position and role

Dragan Pleskonjic is Senior Director Application Security at IGT (previously GTECH). This is role on GTECH global organization level, focusing on Application Security, Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), Software Security Assurance (SSA), Security Architecture and new security trends. Also, the role of managing Privacy, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance for the CIO organization and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery team. GTECH is a leading commercial operator and provider of technology in regulated worldwide gaming markets. It delivers best-in-class products and services, with a commitment to the highest levels of integrity, responsibility and shareholder value creation.

Previous positions and roles

Dragan Pleskonjic was CSO (Chief Security Officer) at GTECH G2 group. International group GTECH G2 was the interactive division of GTECH.

Dragan Pleskonjic previously was Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GTECH Belgrade Branch (international company headquartered in USA and UK) and also Security Architect. Before acquisition of Finsoft Ltd (London UK headquartered company) by GTECH, Dragan was CEO at BEG Finsoft (its Belgrade division) and also Security Architect.

Dragan was Adjunct Professor of Computer Networks Security and Information Security Management at Advanced school of electrical engineering and computing. He also was Adjunct Professor of Operating Systems and created Software Security course at this school.

He was Venture Partner in Eagle Ventures, one of founders of eNovčanik a.d. Internet payment service, and one of initiators of AutoMARKET system and web portal.

He used to lead software development in Belgrade division of Los Angeles headquartered company Empower LLC. He has been a project leader and software development manager for PCTEL Inc. (PCTI), USA based company (later acquired by Smith Micro Software, Inc.), i.e. director of its wireless network software development division in Belgrade. Prior to acquiring by PCTEL, he was research and development manager of Chicago based startup cyberPIXIE, Inc. wireless solutions company.

He previously was ICT department director at BMG, leading internal ICT services and software development.

Dragan worked several years as the head of the networks and communications department and research associate at a Belgrade technical Lola Institute.

Dragan began his career in Technical Military Academy and Faculty (University) of former Yugoslavia Army in Zagreb as teaching assistant and researcher.

Books, papers, patents, projects My Books - Dragan Pleskonjic

He initiated and has held leading positions in a number of industry projects, as well as in research and development projects, mostly in the area of computer networks, security, and cryptology and software development.

Published ten books and over ninety papers at technical and scientific conferences, seminars and journals internationally, including IEEE and ACM events and publications. Reviewer for scientific and technical journals, conferences and papers. Cited and quoted.

Often conference speaker.

Inventor of set of granted patents.


Dragan has Master of Science (in Serbian: Magistar) in Computer Science in area of Security and Cryptography from University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (2 years program with previous is step to PhD) thesis focused on cryptography and cryptanalysis. Prior to that completed Technical Military Academy and University (former Yugoslavia Army in Zagreb Croatia), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Computer Science, 1983 – 1988 (5 years program). In Serbian: diplomirani inženjer (dipl. ing.) računarske tehnike. He works toward his Ph. D. in area of cyber security aided by machine learning and AI.

Dragan is ISO 27001 Certified ISMS Lead Auditor and PCI ISA (Payment Card Industry Internal Security Assessor).

Professional societies

Dragan is member of:

  • ACM society (honored with the designation of Senior Member since 2010) and ACM SIGSAC (Special Interest Group on Security, Audit and Control)
  • IEEE and IEEE Societies (honored with the designation of Senior Member since 2017):
  • ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) – Gold Level Member

He is an enthusiast of security, cryptology, network & communications, software development methodologies, software architectures, investments, organization of ICT teams and start-up companies.

Native in Serbian, Dragan is fluent in English and can use Russian.

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