Location Based Services – Security and Privacy Aspects

On September 28th, I delivered presentation on topic “Location Based Services – Security and Privacy Aspects” on global group Telenor Security Conference 2011. Abstract: Location based services are fast growing area in various types of businesses, particularly concerning mobile operators … Continued

Virtual Steganographic Laboratory

Michal Wegrzyn informed me about new and interesting project on https://vsl.sourceforge.net/.  That is new steganographic tool. Name of tool is Virtual Steganographic Laboratory (VSL). It is a graphical block diagramming tool that allows complex using, testing and adjusting of methods … Continued

Edgios or will new Google come from Serbia!?

Edgios is a large-scale distributed search ‘cloud’ that offers higher-quality search results. Users participate in the cloud by downloading the Edgios personal search software, and connecting that software to the net.

Browsers as Nests for Malware

Hackers target browsers as possible nests for attack to user systems. Having in mind average Internet users and surfers and their (our) lack of caution while surfing and visiting various Web sites, there are very good chances and possibility for … Continued

Economist – Learning to Live with Big Brother

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The second and great article in Economist’s series looks at the new technologies for collecting personal information, and the dangers of abuse: Civil liberties: surveillance and privacy | Learning to live with Big Brother. Conclusion starts with interesting subtitle and says: … Continued