IPS, Whom to believe: Gartner or NSS Labs?

An independent test and evaluation of 15 different network intrusion-protection system products from seven vendors showed none were fully effective in warding off attacks against Microsoft, Adobe and other programs. NSS Labs, which conducted the test without vendor sponsorship of any kind, also evaluated the 15 network IPS offerings for their capability in responding to “evasions,” attacks delivered in an obfuscated and stealthy manner in order to hide. In that arena, Juniper Networks and TippingPoint didn’t perform particularly well. Juniper IPS scored lowest at only 17% effectiveness. In that arena, the McAfee and IBM IPS held up particularly well.

Will machine intelligence be used for attacks as well?

I have worked for some time on using of artificial intelligence (AI) for protecting computer / information systems and networks. My work is primarily in area of intrusion prevention and detection systems (IDS and IPS). There is approach which considers machine intelligence usage for attack on systems’ security.