Location Based Services – Security and Privacy Aspects

On September 28th, I delivered presentation on topic “Location Based Services – Security and Privacy Aspects” on global group Telenor Security Conference 2011.

Abstract: Location based services are fast growing area in various types of businesses, particularly concerning mobile operators and telecoms. Mobile devices with GPS systems and location based services and its applications give great advantages and opportunities, but also generate various challenges. In present time it raises many concerns about security and privacy among individual users and business customers. Media report about these types of issues with lot of sensationalism and often without detailed and deep analysis and knowledge of technology. This presentation is intended to give overview of privacy issues and to analyze various points of view and aspects. It includes aspects users of location based services on mobile devices (mobile phones, PDAs, computers, other devices), mobile operators (telecoms, ISPs), vendors (mobile devices producers, operating systems and application developers, services providers), and regulatory bodies (including standards and compliance programs). There are many myths about privacy issues and this presentation will try to separate myths and facts in order to create balanced and real view. Also, it will try to anticipate some of future trends.

Conference is held in Belgrade on September 27 and 28, 2011 in presence of delegates of Telenor from all countries where this multinational telecom group operates.

Presentation was very well accepted and generated a lot of interest in this new challenging topic. If you are interested to now more, contact me by e-mail.

For the citation:

  • Dragan Pleskonjic: “Location Based Services – Security and Privacy Aspects”, Telenor Security Conference, September 27-28, 2011, Belgrade.

If you are interested to know more details, please send me e-mail.

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