Citation at Fourth Balkan Conference in Informatics

Our earlier book, which has been published 2007, was cited at IEEE Conference Journal. It is interesting and actual for many organizations at moment:

“Security is a process of keeping necessary level of risk in acceptable boundaries. That means security is a continual process and not a final state. Organization or institution can’t consider itself “secured” after last security check. That process needs to be continual.”
(Book in Serbian “Sigurnost računarskih sistema i mreža”, Dragan Pleskonjić, Nemanja Maček, Borislav Đorđević, Marko Carić, Mikro knjiga 2007, ISBN 978-86-7555-305-2)

Citation appeared at IEEE conference “2009 Fourth Balkan Conference in Informatics”.  Reference number is [3], DOI link.

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