Second Round Candidates of the Cryptographic Hash Algorithm Competition Selected

National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) has opened a public competition to develop a new cryptographic hash algorithm, which converts a variable length message into a short “message digest” that can be used for digital signatures, message authentication and other applications.  The competition is NIST’s response to recent advances in the cryptanalysis of hash functions. The new hash algorithm will be called “SHA-3” and will augment the hash algorithms currently specified in FIPS 180-2, Secure Hash Standard. This competition is announced in the Federal Register Notice published on November 2, 2007. I wrote about it here and here.

NIST has selected the Second Round Candidates of the SHA-3 Competition recently. Following 14 second round candidates are selected to continue in the competition:

  1. BLAKE
  2. Blue Midnight Wish
  3. CubeHash
  4. ECHO
  5. Fugue
  6. Grøstl
  7. Hamsi
  8. JH
  9. Keccak
  10. Luffa
  11. Shabal
  12. SHAvite-3
  13. SIMD
  14. Skein

A report summarizing NIST’s selection of these candidates will be forthcoming. A year is allocated for the public review of these algorithms, and the Second SHA-3 Candidate Conference is being planned for August 23-24, 2010, after Crypto 2010.

You can see candidates, post your comments and see other comments, see details on submitters site here.

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