Will machine intelligence be used for attacks as well?

I have worked for some time on using of artificial intelligence (AI) for protecting computer / information systems and networks. My work is primarily in area of intrusion prevention and detection systems (IDS and IPS). Some of work and papers in this area has been published in journals and technical conferences. Also, I believe that is much more to come out in future.

But there is another angle of AI utilization. It is approach which considers machine intelligence usage for attack on systems’ security. Interesting article in IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine, by Carl E. Landwehr from University of Maryland, talks about topics and says:

Ray Kurzweil predicts that by 2040 or 2050, machine intelligence will exceed human intelligence – an event he and others have dubbed the “singularity”. Will such intelligent machines be better able to defend themselves than today’s relatively unsophisticated ones? Will their intelligence be used for attacks as well??

It is possible that, in future, we will have chance to see artificial intelligence systems which are able to fight. One side will be AI systems that attack and another AI supported systems which are in protection role and providing security.

Full citation of article: Carl E. Landwehr, “Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence: From Fixing the Plumbing to Smart Water,” IEEE Security and Privacy, vol. 6, no. 5, pp. 3-4, Sep/Oct, 2008.

Note: Article is available with subscription or can be bought as PDF.

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