Poll: Rate Your Computer Security Knowledge and Experience

I’ve added a new poll to this blog. The aim of the poll is to see what is the structure of the blog visitors according their (your) individual opinion and experience in the field of security knowledge. There is no guidance and explanation of the given choices. You are the one who sets measurement units, decides and rates your own knowledge and experience according to it.

Question is: “Rate your computer security knowledge and experience”, and possible answers are:

  • None
  • Beginner
  • Moderate
  • Expert
  • Guru

Vote and enjoy visiting often and seeing how others vote. Polls started today and it is planned to be open 3 months i.e. by end of June 2008.

An earlier poll “Hacking Motives” expired last night (March 31, 2008). I am going to discuss results in future post on this blog.

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