123 CCTV Security Cameras

If you want to monitor some area, office, room, you should visit this web site. Company 123 CCTV offers security camera surveillance equipment and various accessories (switchers & multiplexers, CCTV monitors, pan, tilt & zoom equipment, wireless trans. & receivers, camera cabling & wire, power supplies, and converters etc).

They also sell digital video recording – DVR Systems which includes DVR PC software and separate unit as possible solutions.

123 CCTV offers wireless cigarette cameras. These cameras are placed into cigarette box like package and offer you the ability to monitor just about any area. Simply plop the cigarette pack down onto any flat surface and point it in the direction you desire to view. Once done, the cigarette packs built-in 1.2GHz transmitter will automatically send the hidden video signals to the nearby receiving unit (included) which is able to be plugged into virtually any TV or monitor. It is able to transmit signals up to 1000 ft. line of sight or 500 ft. through walls and obstructions. As for the built-in hidden camera, it uses a 1 lux color 1/4″ CMOS, offering 380 lines of resolution with a 3.7mm (wide angle) pinhole lens that automatically adjusts to light changes.  Operating off of a regular 9 Volt battery this is truly an awesome covert camera.

1.2GHz Wireless Cigarette Cam

There is also entire set of small hidden cameras for various applications and these cameras can be placed into, for example: wall clock, motion detector, smoke detector, computer speakers, clock radio, air cleaner, exterior motion light, toys etc.

Company says that their clients range from the Pentagon, to the home owner. Here is company’s partial list of clients.

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