We Never Will Have Absolutely Secure Software

There is no such thing as absolutely secure system. Many people have been asking questions such as “Why we haven’t secure software, hardware, whatever…? “When we will have secure systems?” and many similar questions. Answer is very simple: There is no absolutely secure system and it never will be! Why? Because it is “no-win” battle. It also means that no-one will ever build 100% secure computer products.


  • Scalability and reliability issues are man-vs.-machine and machines are stupid and will be for long time or forever.
  • Security is man-vs.-man and humans are intelligent.

This security stuff is an ongoing arms race and chess game, and each side is constantly trying to outwit the other.  Software developers and all people around software research and redevelopment raise the bar, and the attackers then spend time trying to defeat that bar. And they raise the bar again, and so on.  With reliability and scalability, we can understand the “adversary” and that’s that. The “enemy” won’t adapt to defeat you!

This is simple battle between good guys and bad guys. And you know that your car, home, flat or other assets will never be absolutely secure nevertheless of security equipment, procedures and policies you use. You can improve security; it can be very high, but never 100%. You should analyze risk and keep it up to acceptable level. If security costs more then asset you trying to protect then it’s purposeless. Security is art of keeping things at acceptable risk level.

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