Survey: What Are Usual Passwords Used

Again about weak and strong passwords: In post “Is your password strong enough“, I wrote about password policies and how to create strong passwords. It seems that majority of people use weak passwords. In recent article on his blog and essay that appeared on, Bruce Schenier analyzed common usual passwords used by people. It was initiated by “MySpace password exploit“. It is amazing to see usual and simple passwords that are used very often. [Thanks to colleague Dejan Vesic for bringing this to my attention].

  1. Nemanja

    It’s not amazing at all as much as it can get funny. A friend of mine has been working for a short period as an network admin (administering Windows domain). I watched him day after day browsing some cracks and porn-sites and by scanning his roaming profile I’ve found somewhat like 600 pieces of spyware & adware. It’s funny for the same guy uses 6 small letter password (for which he claimes it’s secure !!!). I’ve managed to rip off by peeking over his shoulder. He typed it with one finger (!) cause he had a sandwitch in his other hand (I guess he didn’t want to grease his keyboard). The very same guy left the room full of people logged in with his admin account (without locking the system). One right-click-delete on a domain tree object would do some damege, I guess, as there was most probably NO backup of the domain database. Now that’s an admin (recessive genius). Should we discuss the regular users?

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