Happy New Year Virus

Just quick note and warning in New Year’s night: new virus spreads on Internet. It carries file postcard.exe or greetingcard.exe and variants, masked as greeting card send by someone to you. Be careful with opening attachments with names similar but not limited to:

  • postcard.exe
  • Postcard.exe
  • greeting card.exe
  • Greeting Card.exe
  • greeting postcard.exe
  • Greeting Postcard.exe

This virus is currently being spammed in EMails with the subject “Happy New Year” and couple of similar:

  • Annual Fun Forecast!
  • Baby New Year!
  • Best Wishes For A Happy New Year!
  • Fun 2007!
  • Fun Filled New Year!
  • Happiness And Continued Success!
  • Happiness And Success!
  • Happiness In Everything!
  • Happy 2007!
  • Happy New Year!
  • Happy Times And Happy Memories!
  • May Your Dreams Come True!
  • New Hopes And New Beginnings!
  • New Year… Happy Year!
  • Promises Of Happy Times!
  • Raising A Toast To Happy Times!
  • Scale Greater Heights!
  • Sparkling Happiness And Good Times!
  • Warm New Year Hug!
  • Warmest Wishes For New Year!
  • Welcome 2007!
  • Wish You Smiles And Good Cheer!
  • Wishing You Happiness!
  • Wishing You Happy New Year!

According reports mutation begins.

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