Someone Eavesdrop Your Mobile Conversations? Then Clean Trojan From Your Mobile.

At present time many people talk about possibility of eavesdropping their phone conversations, including voice, data transfers and SMS/MMS messages.

On the “Systems exposition” in Germany, Mr Wilfired Hafner – general manager SecurStar, demonstrated how easy it is to listen on everybody’s mobile telephone conversation and spy on every sent /received telephone message. Read articles at, here and here.

He found and demonstrated a new cellular phone vulnerability that allows infecting any cellular phone with a Trojan horse (RexSpy). This Trojan is sent to the victim using a special SMS that automatically starts itself on the target phone. SecurStar has developed and distributes free of charge a small utility that will remove the “RexSpy” Trojan from infected phones. You can download it from download section of their Web site (requires registration, of course). In the next weeks a removal utility for Symbian, Palm and Blackberry devices will be provided, according SecurStar web site.

Also, SecurStar produces security software PhoneCrypt for mobile phones. They claim: with PhoneCrypt, SecurStar offers the ultimate security solution for mobile phones. With this software, every telephone call will be 100% encrypted and nobody will be able to listen your phone conversations. PhoneCrypt also patches the Smartphone operating system (windows mobile) and eliminates vulnerabilities such as the one used by RexSpy and others, so that your phone can no longer be infected. More information about PhoneCrypt here.

I haven’t tried SecurStar software yet, so I can’t say personal experience about this. If you did, send your opinions, please.

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