Should I Switch to Vista and Why (Not)?

I had tried Windows Vista for couple of weeks when this operating system was code named Longhorn and delivered to attendants of PDC conference in Los Angeles (October 2003). As I attended PDC 2003, since then I wear T-shirt with printed “I was there at the beginning…” and Longhorn, Visual Studio “Whidbey” and SQL Server Yukon prints and logos on it… At that time, using of early Longhorn version wasn’t so pleasant experience, as it worked but with lots of bugs and glitches. I can remember that I reported dozens of problems to Microsoft as company officials asked PDC attendants to try and report. Also I didn’t like it although nice stories about WinFX, Indigo, and Avalon.

At present time, it is noticeable that Vista raises many questions that target security, licensing, price… So my three questions before I will go to switch to Vista:

  • Is it secure, stable and reliable enough?
  • Can I afford it?
  • What is power (and price as well) of machine to install Vista expecting it to work good?

I probably will wait couple of months before I decide to use it… or switch to Linux. I don’t know yet.

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  1. Mirko

    1. It is certainly not secure enough, the real vulnerabilities are going to be revealed as soon as it goes mainstream. With valid exploits already on sale and the bugs completely unknown I would avoid Vista in a productive environment for at least a year.

    2. Only you know if you can afford it 🙂

    3. A very strong machine is necessary in order to run Aero.

    Consider switching to Mac OS X, it’s advanced, you get all the power of UNIX in the GUI MS tried to copy 🙂

  2. Dejan Vesić

    I am playing a lot with Vista at the moment.

    If you want short answers:

    1. No (missing drivers for all older hardware devices, not stable enough for production use)
    2. Yes (in a range of XP Prof for regular users)
    3. All new machines (2Ghz+ 1Gb+) will run it fine, but not with all possibilities (Aero etc) – depends on video card

    Advice: stay on XP SP2 – best choice at the moment for wast number of users.

  3. Dragan Pleskonjic


    About point 2 – It has been meant: “Can an average user and / or company afford it” i.e. is pricing policy set up by Microsoft right? Many people have been complaining about MS price policy. There is prediction that it will be reason which will drive number of users toward other Operating Systems, including Linux and also Mac OS X that you’ve suggested.

  4. Nemanja

    Aside from using XP as a platform for my mixing desk (Sonar), I’m using Linux as a primary OS.

    Currently, Open SuSE 10.2 (with Packman’s repository) works fine for me. Everything I need is there. It’s intuitive (even more then Windows), easy to use (my wife’s using it even), fancy (XGL kicks Aero 10:1 as it requieres not $500 video card), stable and aprox $5 zillion cheaper then Vista with all proprietary software bundled with it (Photoshop, M$ Office, Visual Studio and stuff like that). So, if you cannot make a decision, switch to Linux and kick out the M$. Vista is going to be buggy for the next couple of years (I guess untill SP19 or something).

    One more thing that comes to mind is a glitch in the EFS. I’ve read somewhere that private keys are collected as you use EFS in the manner of “fair cryptosystem” (read Schneier’s Applied Cryptography) for the first time and that the reason for this is giving the government means to detect terrorism related data. Therefore, I ain’t gona use Vista.

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