MySpace and YouTube: Possible Worms and Adware Threats

Be very careful with usage of social sites as its insecurity increases. In November, security firm Websense alerted Internet users over a handful of MySpace pages hosting videos that, when played, attempted to install adware on a viewer’s system. The videos used the digital rights management facilities built into Windows Media player to start installing the software, earning the fraudster money as an affiliate of adware purveyor Zango.

Also there is news that QuickTime worm uses MySpace to spread. Security researchers warned over the weekend that a QuickTime worm written in JavaScript had started to spread among MySpace users.

The worm, dubbed JS/Quickspace.A by antivirus firm F-Secure and JS.QSpace by security firm Symantec, uses a cross-site scripting flaw in MySpace to execute a JavaScript program embedded in a blank QuickTime movie file. The worm redirects the user to a phishing page made to look like MySpace’s login page.

Source: SecurityFocus.

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