Skype Security Concern

There are reports that, with newest version of Skype, Norton Internet Worm Protection issues security alert saying that it detects Skype as Worm, asking user if he wants to permit remote access to his computer. Advice says that user should allow access if he uses it, among others purposes, for instant messaging.

Skype: Norton Internet Worm Protection Security Alert

But what causes users to worry about this is statement from CERN Security policy (quote from CERN Web site (

Restrictions on running Skype P2P software at CERN

Skype P2P telephony software violates CERN’s Computing Rules by bypassing firewall protections and offering services to others. For information, the privacy policy linked from the bottom of their home page, says:

“From time-to-time your computer may become a Supernode. A Supernode is a computer running Skype Software that has been automatically elevated to act as a hub. Supernodes may assist in helping other users to communicate or use the Skype software efficiently. This may include the ability for your computer to help anonymously and securely facilitate communications between other users of the Skype Software who, due to network and firewall constraints, cannot establish direct connections.”

Security policy article on CERN’s site has been last updated on Friday, 18. February 2005. However, previous version of Skype doesn’t seem to generate this clash with Norton Antivirus software. Now, you can see many times NAV worm warning and you’ll be asked if you want to permit or block access. It might be pretty boring at least, but also it might be security concern.

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