Intesa Bank POS Terminals Insecure

Payment with credit or debit cards, at least in Serbia, at some of Intesa bank owned POS terminals is NOT secure. They print full credit card number on paper slip.

I recognized this issue many months ago after purchase in one shop. Accidently, I looked carefully at slip issued after purchase and found that full card number is clearly printed on slip. No stars (*) or other wildcards instead of eight card number digits in the middle of number, as it is usual. This gives possibility of misuse and is not in compliance with standards which credit card companies require of banks and processors. If you using your credit cards in these shops you may be at serious risk!

After compliant to my bank (which is not Intesa), it was passed to Visa and their official called me on phone. He explained that this issue has been noticed earlier by their revision and bank was requested to sort it out in short term.

Unfortunately, months after this complaint and promise that things will be sorted out shortly, I’ve had same case today. One of shops in Serbia which uses Intesa POS terminal issued slip with my full card number.

Now, I feel free to report this publicly as I hope this will help banks, credit card companies and shops to sort out this problem and mitigate risk to which we as customers are exposed.

My recommendation to all credit card owners is to look carefully, ask shop staff and avoid payment by cards in shops which own this type of POS terminal. If you already did this, then report issue to your bank, credit card issuer or Intesa officials.

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