Edgios or will new Google come from Serbia!?

It might happen even in middle of worlds’ financial crisis. We should wait and see. Or not just wait, you can really contribute to new search engine. To contribute, you should just install free software and use it. The name is Edgios and software is in Alpha stage.

Edgios already have got lot of publicity on Web sites and discussion forums. It is a large-scale distributed search ‘cloud’ that offers higher-quality search results. Users participate in the cloud by downloading the Edgios personal search software, and connecting that software to the net.

Recent discussion on one of most important developers’ forums in Serbia raised many questions about Edgios. Some of participants questioned idea, concept, and many raised privacy and security concerns as well. Also, it seems that many people are scared by Google and Yahoo and have no courage to question their solutions and to start something what may compete with big ones. It can be successful or not, but it is worth a try at least, especially if you have famous Venture Capital to back your ideas. If that is one who backed Skype it is then more serious.

Some of question raised in discussion are: Is it secure? Is it safe? Authors say:

Yes! That’s exactly the point. By having the Edgios personal search client on your computer, you’re in control of what you share and what you keep private. Traditional search engines keep much more information than you might expect, and they hang onto it for a long time. With Edgios, you’re in control.

I would add: do you know what Google or other search engines know about you already? Have you asked yourself that question?

Here are some facts grabbed from Edgios Web site about company:

Edgios is a US company, based in Palo Alto, CA. The company is backed by Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), a premier Venture Capital firm based in Menlo Park, CA. DFJ shares with Edgios a passion for distributed computing, having backed Skype, the most successful P2P startup to date. Edgios has additional offices in Portland, OR, and in Serbia.

About founder:

The company has very strong connections with Serbia, having been founded by Dr. Borislav Agapiev, who grew up in Belgrade before moving to the US in 1985. The technology that makes Edgios possible has been developed entirely in Serbia, by a team of extremely talented and bright young developers. The entire team is proud of demonstrating that world-class search technology can be developed in Serbia, relying on the deep talent pool of local developers.

Edgios is Dr. Agapiev’s second search startup. He was also the founder of Vast.com, a San Francisco-based search engine for online classifieds. Vast.com is a leader in the online classifieds market, reaching millions of customers in the US and worldwide, having as partners and customers several large US companies. From its start, Vast.com has also been relying on Serbian engineers for technology development and innovation.

About search mechanism:

Edgios does not use a centralized search index of the Web, located in a massive data center, fed by an algorithmic ‘crawler’. Instead, it has an index that’s built by users, for users, and it employs a fully distributed index residing in memory and on the disks of computers that are part of the search cloud. The power of a fully decentralized, distributed search system is dependent on the number of its users. We believe that with just a few hundred thousand users that the Edgios search cloud is capable of surpassing conventional search engines, in terms of freshness, depth, and quality of search results.

It will be interesting to watch progress of this story and to be part of story, why not?

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  1. Dejan Vesić

    I think that this:

    Also, it seems that many people are scared by Google and Yahoo and have no courage to question their solutions and to start something what may compete with big ones

    is huge overstatement. Scared by Google or just satisfied by results from Google?

    Those questions above in post are not only one; for example, how you are finding sites which will go to Edgios? By using other search engines?

    Or, what about sites not found by Edgios participants? Are those sites forever lost for Edgios?

    In any case, interesting idea with lot of controversial aspects 🙂 Maybe I am just too serbian dark and they will be next Google – hope that we will be around to see that.

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