Poll Results: Hacking Motives

Poll “Primary motives for hacking are” which was open on this blog since December 21, 2007 to March 31, 2008 is closed now. Based on answers of visitors, who took opportunity to vote in the poll, main reason why hackers (malicious ones) are attacking is because they take it as intellectual challenge. Next reason is money etc.

Here is summary of results.

As it was said in introductory post for poll, it is based on Australian government Institute of Criminology i.e. its High tech crime centre classification. You can see paper (linked in blog post also) here.

There were polemic about definition of hackers and is that correct to say that hackers are malicious. Many people think that definition of hackers mean that they “wear white hat” i.e. hackers are not driven by malicious motives. However, crackers are ones who “wear black hat” i.e. they are supposed to be malicious, according that opinion. Also, some people mentioned that poll lacks precise definition of hacking and description of hacker and cracker difference for sake of this poll.

This poll is about public opinion – what people think about hackers and their motives, so it was left to opinions and thoughts of everyone and a little bit imprecise (intentionally). 🙂

You can look into Merriam-Webster’s dictionary definition of hacker – it may be interesting.

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