Salary Premiums for Security Certifications Increasing

Recent statistics show that a professional security certification will enable information technology security workers to earn higher salaries. For example, a Foote Partners study released the first week of July concludes that security professionals with security certifications earn up to 15 percent more than their non-certified colleagues. And from October to April, a group of 27 security certifications examined by the Foote study grew in value by an average of 1.7 percent. Foote Partners CEO David Foote says that demand for certified security professionals is growing following a recent downturn. And the demand is being driven not by compliance and government regulation, but by customers who are “demanding more security” from companies. The fallout from major data breaches such as the TJX breach has caused consternation among corporate executives, prompting many executives to make additional commitments to security. A Department of Defense mandate requiring certification from IT security professionals is also increasing demand for certified security professionals, says Foote.

Full article: Salary premiums for security certifications increasing, study shows.

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