ASA: Cisco and Privacyware

What is ASA in computer security area? Two products with same acronym:

  • Cisco: ASA – Adaptive Security Appliances
  • Privacyware: ASA – Adaptive Security Analyzer

Details about Cisco ASA are available at their Web site (here).

Short story about Privacyware ASA. Privacyware is pre-announcing the general availability of Adaptive Security Analyzer 2.0 (“ASA”). Adaptive Security Analyzer (“ASA”) can identify suspicious events and trends in a wide range of activities such as inbound/outbound firewall traffic, database transactions, http traffic, logon/logoff activity, Web server and application use, changes to Group Policies, and much more. Custom analysis can be easily configured to focus on almost any event class enabling ASA implementation to be as dynamic as your unique and evolving requirements.

Adaptive Security Analyzer Key Features/Benefits according Privacyware announcement are:
– Advanced Anomaly Intelligence reveals previously undetected security events and policy violations. 
– Robust analytic engine rapidly processes high-volume security data to increase IT staff capacity.
– Pre-configured analytics help deliver immediate value.
– Custom analytics provide flexible and adaptive implementation.  
– Intricate filter and rules designer enables the input of expert or specialized knowledge. 
– Machine and mentored learning ensures progressively accurate and meaningful output.
– Scheduled reporting automates work flow.

ASA provides IT administrators with an ability to develop fresh perspectives and make more accurate determinations about suspicious activity even in situations where definitive threat characteristics are not available. With ASA, elusive security and compliance threats that go unnoticed by conventional tools, can now be identified and better understood.

Custom analysis can be performed using data stored in most standard sources, (i.e. syslog, .csv, .txt, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc.) including those formatted in leading SIM/SIEM solutions from vendors such as Cisco, LogLogic, netForensics, Sensage, Quest Software, and others.

ASA also includes pre-built models designed to analyze logs from the following devices/applications:
– Check Point Firewall-1
– Cisco PIX Firewall
– Microsoft ISA Sever
– Juniper/NetScreen Firewall

If intelligence regarding atypical behavior among your logs or data is valuable, ASA may be an ideal solution.

You may download the software and support materials from the Privacyware website by registering here: and the User Guide here:

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