Protecting Consumers and Merchants Online

For more than thirty years, Visa has helped to set industry standards for secure payments between consumers and merchants. Verified by Visa protects online merchants in the following ways:

  • You, as merchant, are not liable for fraud resulting from the unauthorized use of Visa cards.
  • Fraud on your site is reduced.
  • Your customers enjoy a safer place to shop.
  • Transaction discount fees are lower in many cases.

Verified by Visa can provide merchants with significant savings in fraud-related costs. Merchants who use Verified by Visa are protected from fraud-related chargebacks on all personal Visa cards—credit or debit, domestic, or international—whether or not the issuer or cardholder is participating in Verified by Visa, with limited exceptions.

More about Verified by Visa here.

3-D Secure(TM) Acquirer and Merchant Implementation Guide is here.

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