Has Globalization Made Software Development a US National Security Issue?

Software development has been transformed into a issue of national security as a result of IT globalization, according to a warning from former U.S. cybersecurity czar Andy Purdy. “Companies are looking for the least expensive source of production, but there isn’t enough concern about the security of these networks and the data being stored on them,” he reported. “If the software is being developed in a part of the world that poses a risk we need to address this.” As special government employee on the U.S. Department of Defense Science Board Task Force on Software Assurance, Purdy is attempting to improve the quality of software and broaden collaboration via a partnership between the public and private sectors. At the AusCERT 2007 IT security conference, Purdy urged delegates to support the U.S. Homeland Security Department’s Software Assurance Program, whose goal is to decrease software vulnerabilities through international collaboration. He lauded software vendors for their recognition of the software quality problem and their attempts to rectify their development processes. Purdy commented that security must be embedded in the software development lifecycle, and pointed out that the Software Assurance Program focuses on the areas of people, processes, technology, and acquisitions. The initiative’s acquisitions component will involve the release of guidelines for outsourcing and offshore software development.

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