Security and Other Risks Associated With Google Adsense Program

Google AdSense program offers possibility for Website owners, who have high visibility and number of visitors, to earn money based on clicks on Google Ads. More details about Adsense here.

However, on occasions it seems to me that this widely used service is going to be indicator of strange movement on many Web sites. There are a lot of Web sites that are created just for one purpose: to get money from AdSense program. There are books on this topic and many articles that try to give advices how to get maximum (money) from this service. Those are usually worthless Web sites with many keywords, links and pages that are just grabbing content from different Web pages and combining them. It usually leads to huge rubbish storages.

This leads to situation where these sites with AdSense attract attention have good position on searches, but more and more people don’t like it at all. It can show kind of flippant approach to creating Web locations.

Also couple of interesting occasions happened related to this service. It is pretty easy to get someone’s account disabled. You need to make fraud clicks on his page with Google Ads. Much more: you can use automated tools to do this. There are tools for this and some hackers offer different services intended to hijack other’s Google AdSense accounts, to get someone’s account disabled and to “help” website owners to increase revenue.

Jennifer Slegg says in her blog:

“In various webmaster forums, more and more publishers are reporting that they have seen their publisher IDs changed on their AdSense accounts, and a couple cases of it happening to Yahoo Publisher Network accounts.”

As far as I know, AdSense does not offer publishers any tools or whatever that would alert them to any problem with there being an AdSense publisher ID switched.

Also, there are cases when AdSense code that is dedicated for one site, appears on another site(s). Motives are different and usually fraudulent. Some kind of “white list” of URLs would be useful as well, where publishers submit the only URLs where their AdSense code should be appearing. That way, publishers who are worried about someone putting their AdSense code on a site they do not control would be alerted when their publisher ID suddenly starts appearing on spammers black list. This is necessary feature, especially as publishers are becoming more and more paranoid, as time passes, of being suspended for someone doing something completely out of their control.

I would suggest avoiding using Google AdSense program if you haven’t really huge number of page impressions and also ways to protect yourself from hacking your account or misuse of you AdSense code. Usually you can’t expect to earn important amount of money from AdSense if you strictly follow rules and haven’t significant number of visitors. Otherwise, you risk that your site will be just seen as kind of inefficient way to earn money.

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