Some Security Utilities Can Kill Performances

Be careful with choosing antivirus, antyspyware and software firewall tools that you will use. It can significantly slow down performances of your Windows system, including but not limited to boot time, prime, and file IO delays. I’ve used Symantec Norton Antivirus for long period of time. Much more: I can say that I liked Symantec since Peter Norton’s times and famous DOS Norton Utilities and it guided me later to choose Norton Antivirus and not any other. I was reluctant and denied many advices from colleagues to change to other antivirus software.  But as boot time, opening files and applications performances were significantly degraded I started to seriously consider other solutions. Colleague spotted this article and it triggered me to finally give up from using Symantec Norton Antivirus and I bought NOD32 now. It was really improvement of performances of my system. Adio Symantec Norton Antivirus, welcome to NOD32!

  1. Nemanja Macek

    I was a big fan of Norton Utilities, too – up to version 8 (for DOS). I also did notice a significant improvment in performance after the Norton Antivirus uninstall on other people’s computers. My friend’s running an 800Mhz computer which ran like 300Mhz when opening exe files. With NAV uninstalled it ran normally again. Fortunatelly I’ve never used that product by myself. I’m running Avast on my Windows computer and I’m very satisfied with it. It scans web, mail and P2P (last one beeing rather rare type of AV scanner). I’m also using Linux version of Avast.

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