NSA Helps Microsoft and Apple for Better Security

NSA provided security help for Windows, Mac OS X – read article at Washington post (here), Bruce Schneier’s blog (here) and this waggish site. Also, NSA released a security architecture called SELinux, an optional add-on to the Linux operating system, to provide enhanced security.

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  1. Nemanja

    For Christ’s sake! Noone trusts NSA. Anything they design, develop or implement for the masses usually has a solid backdoor, which is, of course, going to be discovered in a couple of years (remember DES and differential cryptoanalysis). This basically means that a vunerable OS like Windows is going to be an even easier evesdropping target for everyone who’s willing to peak and that regular user’s data ain’t gonna be safe unless it’s being protect with non-NSA-interfered software (third party firewall and encryption). If you remember the ITAR, you know what I am talking about. And just a thought of NSA “debugging” Linux is a thing that gives me creeps. Now we can all expect SELinux to lack iptables and gpg.

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