Vista – New Challenge for Hackers

In his executive mail with subject line “A New Era of Business Productivity and Innovation” sent out to subscribers mail list, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said couple of words about security achievements in their new products and says that the launch of Windows Vista, the 2007 Office system, and Exchange Server 2007 kicks off the most important 12 months in Microsoft history.

He says:

INCREASING SECURITY AND REDUCING IT COSTS: Secure by design and by default, the new versions of Windows, Office, and Exchange Server deliver breakthrough security features and they streamline deployment and management, helping reduce costs and enabling IT departments to focus on providing new capabilities that deliver strategic advantage.

But as soon as Ballmer made these and some other bold security claims, hackers all around the world are attracted to try to dead wrong on Vista. Vista is now going to be the target of hacker attacks looking to prove a point: that no Microsoft software is secure.

At moment there are voices that Vista is already vulnerable via web email to the Stratio-Zip worm, which is the most widely circulated piece of malware.

There is interesting article about Vista Security here.

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