Tactile Passwords Could Stop ATM ‘Shoulder-Surfing’

Interesting article about password problem solving idea based on tactile passwords appeared in NewScientist.

Entering passwords using a Braille-like device could prevent snoopers from stealing sensitive computer codes, such as ATM numbers, researchers say.

Computer engineers at Queen’s University Belfast, UK, developed the tactile security system – a mouse with a grid of 16 mechanically-controlled pins that sit beneath the first and second finger of a user’s hand.

The system was originally developed for visually impaired computer users. Its designers claim the system is more secure than a conventional keyboard as it is impossible for anyone to spy on a user’s keystrokes.

To use the system a user moves the mouse over a grid of nine blank squares displayed on a computer screen. Rolling over each square causes a different pattern to appear under their fingertips.

A user is given a sequence of tactons to remember and simply clicks on the squares that match their pass-pattern. The sequence of tactons and squares is randomised each time, making it impossible for anyone to spy on a user as they click.

Read full article here.

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