Annoying Mobile Spam: The Next Battleground?

Market surveys performed in USA suggest that unwanted mobile spam continues to grow with as many as 10 percent of all U.S.-based mobile-phone subscribers having already received and been annoyed by SMS spam, according to Jupiter Research.

According to joint study conducted by Intrado, Switzerland’s University of St. Gallen and the International Telecommunication Union, more than 80 percent of Europe’s mobile-phone users received at least one unwanted spam message cloaked as a short messaging service (SMS) transmission during 2004. Moreover, the results indicate that 83 percent of all mobile users responding to the survey expect mobile spam to become a critical issue for them within the next one to two years.

Although the U.S. lags far behind Europe with respect to the prevalence of SMS technology, at least 75 percent of the mobile phones used in North America today are SMS-capable. This percentage will rise to 100 percent by the end of 2006, predicts IDC senior research analyst Lewis Ward. In addition, by the end of 2005 there will be 65 million subscribers to SMS services, or 36 percent of all wireless subscribers, Ward said.

Given the technology’s increasing traction in the U.S. mobile marketplace, is it likely that North America will become the next big battleground for mobile spam? The short answer is “no,” said Jim Manis, the global chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).

According local news in some countries, there is SMS spam that has been happening from time to time. These messages sometimes could be boring at least, but also very annoying and disturbing, by its nature and contents. This is warning that SMS spam appeared here in very bad and annoying way and mobile / wireless operators should be ready for fight with this kind of attacks.

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