Winamp is Trying to Monitor Your System

After installing Winamp on computer with ZoneAlarm firewall software, next message poped up:
“Winamp is trying to monitor your mouse movements and keyboard strokes”.

Winamp is trying to monitor your system

I wondered why I got this message and why “Winamp is trying to monitor your system to observe what events are occurring”. When I pressed SmartDefense Advisor button “More Info”, it took me to ZoneLabs Web site and next message appeared:

Winamp is trying to monitor your system to observe what events are occurring.
The current security setting for Winamp does not permit this action, or else ZoneAlarm Pro is asking you whether you wish to allow this behavior or not. Your computer is safe.

What should I do?
If Winamp needs to monitor your system to observe what events are occurring and you trust this program, then give it permission. If you do not trust this program or the program does not need to monitor your system then deny it. If you are unsure, you can always deny access and run the program again, if it is required.

Winamp is potentially malicious. It may be attempting to monitor your system to observe what events are occurring to retrieve information about you or your system.

Also, I can remember that MSN Messenger asked for the same and have found on Internet some posts that say Yahoo messenger and some others have same behaviors. There is explanation for someone that the Yahoo messenger is trying to monitor your mouse and keyboard usage in order to know when to set you as “Away” or “Available”. Yahoo messenger polls the keyboard to see if its active in order to change your status.

But, I wonder if Winamp which basically isn’t IM kind of software need this type of status. Do you believe that these applications just check your keyboard and mouse in order to set status, or trying to spy your actions? I am not sure.

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  1. Samantha

    Zone Alarm keeps asking me the same question about Windows Messenger. But here’s the catch, I have NEVER signed on to Windows Messenger, so why would it care whether or not I was “active”? It has no idea who I am.. I have no .NET password and no Messenger login set or created. It popped up a few days into a fresh install of WinXP Pro and Messenger had never been started. Sounds fishy to me.

  2. Ivan

    Ufff, ja sam to tek sad skužio i razljutilo me. pratiti tipkanje po tipkovnici može biti bilo kakvog tipa, ako im to dozvolim onda mogu pratiti ne samo kada tipkam a kada ne nego i što tipkam, što nikako nije u redu od njih, jer tipkati po tipkovnici mogu i strogo povjerljive informacije kao passworde… u svakom slucaju zabranjujem winampu pristup internetu ili što smatram najboljim rijesenjem instalirat cu stariju verziju

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